Summer Activities


The departure is from Brasov or Poiana Brasov through Prejmer, Intorsura Buzaului, Siriu, Nehoiu. The rafting is on river Buzau between the town of Lunca Priporului si Chirlesti, approximately 15 km (around 2 h).
The lunch is served at a local restaurant in Nehoiu or picnic on the course.
The coming back is on the off-road course: Nehoiu, Zabratau, Intorsura Buzaului, Acris, Vama Buzaului, Zizin, Tarlungeni, Brasov, Poiana Brasov.


100 euro/pers. (minimum 8 people). The price includes the rafting equipment rental, transport with off-road vehicles, the meal, hot drinks on the course (coffee, tea and cookies) and water.
60 euro/pers. (minimum 8 people). The price includes the rafting equipment rental and shuttle transport.


The programs are based on the level of training of the participants, ranging from tours with continuously straight line descent to complex tours with increased difficulty. The trip to the tour starting point is done with our transportation (off-road vehicles and/or shuttle), avoiding in most of the cases the regular road traffic jams.
The meal is going to be served in the historical parts of the cities we are going to visit during our bike tour


55 euro/pers.
The price includes the equipment rental (bike and helmet) and transfer to the bike tours.


The Jeeping program offers you the option of visiting the rural area of Barsei County, visiting craftsmen who use ancient techniques for blacksmith, tailoring, fabrics, farmers and hidden interesting places. The use of off-road vehicles offers us the possibility of reaching the most isolated places.

Tururi propuse:

  • 1. Viscri
  • 2. Bran, Piatra Craiului Mountains
  • 3. Bucegi Mountains
  • 4. Baiului Mountains


  • 65 Euro/pers. (minimum - 3 people)
  • 75 Euro/pers. (VIP - 2 people)

The price includes the transport with off-road vehicles, one meal, hot and cold refreshments the fees of visiting different sites, parking fees.


Your specialist in Black Sea wreck diving!

Royal Compass has partnered with some of the most outstanding professionals of recreational diving from Romania. These extraordinary people have explored for over 8 years the Romanian Black Sea floor. Specialized primarily on wreck dives, our professionals are ready to introduce you into a fascinating world and show you the wonders of the unspoiled ​wrecks of this part of the world.​

Our instructors can ofer you PADI courses (from the Open Water until Divemaster) or IANTD (technical diving for wrecks and caves) on singles, doubles or sidemount configuration. All can be a fantastic adventure for you, so you could touch new levels of training and difficulties.

As in all the other programs we offer you the option of designing your own program based on personal preferences.

Black Sea Wrecks

Moskva(Russian destroyer, Leningrad class, sunk on June 26, 1941 by a mine of the German -Romanian forces, 25 km SE of Tomis harbor, at a depth of min.-max. 38-45 m);

Drake's (commercial vessel and/or passenger vessel with a length of 75 m, 9 m wide, of unknown nationality, at 23 km SE of Tomis harbor, at a depth of min.-max. 40-45 m);

Shch 213 (Russian submarine, class "Щ", V series, mod. 2, sunk by a mine barrage in 1942, at 23 km NE of Constanta, at a depth of 32 m);

Arkadia (German cargo vessel with a length of 84 m, 12 m wide, sunk at April 29, 1943 by a mine, at 8 km E of Cape Midia, at a depth of min.-max. 20-28 m);

Paris(Maltese bulk carrier with a lenght of 174 m, 25 m wide, sunk at January 4, 1995 caused by the collison with Constanta's harbor dike, close to the north dike, at a depth of min.-max. 5-25 m);

Sadu (Romanian bulk carrier with a length of 106 m, 15 m wide, sunk at December 2, 1988 caused by collision with Constanta's harbor dike, at a depth min.-max. 12-26 m);

You Xiu (Hong Kong bulk carrier with a length of 167 m, 26 m wide, sunk at January 4 1995 caused by the collision with Constanta's harbor dike, at the depth of min.-max. 25-39 m);

Medy (Turkis scrap cargo with a length of 112 m, 15 m wide, sunk at September 1, 2010 from unknown reasons at 8 km E of Eforie Sud resort, at a depth min.-max. 22-37 m);


Guided Dives

  • 1 boat dive 30 euro
  • 2 boat dives – same trip 50 euro
  • night dive (from the boat) 40 euro
  • You Xiu, Sadu, Paris (1 dive) 35 euro
  • You Xiu, Sadu, Paris (2 dives - same trip) 60 euro
  • Medy, Arkadia (1 dive) 40 euro
  • Medy, Arkadia (2 dives - same trip) 70 euro
  • Moskva, Drake's, Scha 213 (1 dive) 50 euro
  • Moskva, Drake's, Scha 213 (2 dives - same trip) 90 euro


  • 3 days diving/6 dives 230 euro
  • 5 days diving/10 dives 350 euro
  • * 1 free place for every 5 divers

Recreational courses

  • PADI Discover Scuba 30 euro
  • PADI Open Water 250 euro
  • PADI Advanced 240 euro
  • PADI Rescue 250 euro
  • PADI Divemaster 500 euro
  • PADI EANx Diver 100 euro

Technical courses

  • IANTD Advanced EANx 380 euro
  • IANTD Normoxic Trimix 600 euro
  • IANTD Hammerhead Rebreather 900 euro

Tank fills

  • Aer 0.003 euro/litru
  • Nitrox mix 30%-40% 0.004 euro/litru
  • Nitrox mix 40%-80% 0.005 euro/litru
  • Oxigen 0.006 euro/litru
  • Helium 0.04 euro/litru